Quite a lot has happened in the last few months!

Newest Update:

This is a follow up to the e-mail we recently you regarding the process and timeline on the legal action that the City of Naples has taken against Ethics Naples regarding the proposed ethics charter amendment.


The City of Naples has now submitted its final brief and motion on this matter to Circuit Court Judge Hayes, and Ethics Naples has filed its response. We expect Judge Hayes to render his decision in the near future.


While we know that reading legal documents can be a slog, we think you will find it informative and helpful to better understand the arguments that both sides are making on this matter.


We will continue to keep you informed.


Thank you. 

Ethics Naples Board of Directors


We achieved ballot certification: Ethics Naples received ballot certification from the Election Supervisors. We achieved all the needed signatures. Florida law states that City Council "shall" place a certified petition on the ballot. Unfortunately ...


​The City refused to place the matter on the ballot and sued Ethics Naples: City Council voted 4 to 3 not to place the ethics petition on the August ballot and to take Ethics Naples to court. The City filed their case on May 3rd in the Circuit (County) Court, citing a laundry list of concerns. Ethics Naples then filed in the 2nd District Court of Appeals for a writ of mandamus to place the certified petition on the ballot as required by State law.

Various legal maneuvers ensued. Fundamentally, the City wanted to examine the details of the petition in Circuit Court, and Ethics Naples wanted the District Court of Appeals to place the matter on the ballot for the voters to decide. Due to the City's litigation ...

The matter will be in court and not on the ballot:  As of July 3rd, the matter awaits a Circuit Court hearing on August 21 on Ethics Naples' motion to dismiss the City's suit and allow the matter on the ballot. Whatever happens, the referendum will not appear on the August 28th ballot.

What can you do?: Three things - stay informed, help us with the cost of the litigation and keep your sights on the 2020 City Council election. Click the "News" section above or click here.

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Please support the fight to get the ethics petition on the ballot.

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