Ethics Naples is a 501c4 political action committee established solely to promote a better ethics policy for the City of Naples. We believe that it is imperative to establish a well-designed, robust and independent ethics process to contribute to transparent and ethical local government process.
We began planning this initiative after the August 2016 City Council's discussion regarding Naples' ethics code, and the subsequent rewrite that didn't seem to offer much of an improvement. We discovered that Naples' ethics code was out of date and didn't represent current best practices for ethics in Florida.
We have spent the last 18 months conferring with other ethics commissions and experts in Florida and lawyers specializing in this field. We offer a proposal that embodies a balance between local control and independence, places the key elements in the City Charter where they will not get watered down over the years but still allows substantial flexibility and responsiveness to local citizens and government.


Joe Karaganis


Don Fierce


Bill Lutz


John Lehmann

Vice President

Nick Penniman


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Ethics Naples, Inc.

PO Box 1384

Naples, FL   34106

Website:  www.ethicsnaples.org

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