Benefits for taxpayers and residents

There are real benefits to expending the effort and money for an ethics commission and procedure.

Education and training: Expert and up-to-date training in ethics for all City staff and officials, including confidential consultation on difficult issues when needed.

Efficient, local management of policy and investigations:   The Ethics Code would be overseen by our commission and reviewed and approved by City Council. Any complaints would be handled within the City, allowing rapid and efficient procedures  and protections for all involved individuals.

Substantial protections for both taxpayers and City staff: Confidential procedures that are locally designed and consistent with Florida rules for investigations assure participants of a fair, respectful and confidential process.


Confidence in good government: Citizens of Naples will be more confident that any concerns regarding ethical behavior would be properly assessed and acted on in a timely way, and that the various provisions of such a policy will contribute to better government, all under local control.

Low cost: The proposed Ethics Commission is voluntary. An executive director and clerical assistant could handle the duties of the Ethics Office, hiring professional investigators if and as needed to review complaints. Any proposed costs are subject to annual City Council review and approval.

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