• County Commissioner Penny Taylor

  • Mayoral candidate and former Council Member Teresa Heitmann

  • Current/Former Council Members Linda Penniman - Terry Hutchison - Ray Christman - Gary Price

  • City Council Candidates Paul Perry - Mike McCabe - Ted Blankenship

  • Former Director Miami Dade Ethics Commissioner Joseph Centorino

Linda Penniman, former member, City Council, City of Naples

"On the City of Naples stationery is the decree “Ethics above all else”. The citizens of Naples deserve to have a Council, Mayor and staff that they can trust. Should there be a breach of the public’s trust, there must be a local, independent and confidential commission in place to handle those concerns."

Terry Hutchison, City Council
City of Naples

​“Naples needs a strong and independent ethics policy that is local and responsive to our City. The Ethics Naples effort is a big step in the right direction. I strongly disagree with our City’s litigation against its citizens. I will continue voting to get the issue on the ballot so that our residents can make up their own mind about the kind of ethics our City should have.”

Penny Taylor, County Commissioner

Collier County

"Ethics is one of the most important pillars of good and effective government.  The effort to create an Ethics Commission is a crucial one for the future of our City and I support the charter amendment proposal."

Ray Christman, City Council
City of Naples

​"I served as Ethics Naples Executive Director before joining City Council.  I believe we need a better ethics policy for our City.  I look forward to the end of the City's litigation against the 1500 voters who signed the petition and to the day when our citizens can decide for themselves by voting on this matter."

Teresa Heitmann, Candidate for

Mayor, City of Naples

"I support strong ethics, and I am unafraid to serve under a strong ethics policy. City Council should never have blocked a vote on improved ethics. The petition should have been placed on the ballot so voters could make up their own minds. Why are taxpayers paying for a lawsuit against their neighbors who are trying to improve ethics in Naples? When I am Mayor I will rapidly end this litigation so the voters can decide.”

Mike McCabe, Candidate for

City Council, City of Naples

"A petition was prepared and enough signatures secured to bring a lawful initiative regarding ethics before the voters of Naples. The incumbent city council members as well as the mayor filed suit to keep the referendum from reaching the ballot. The voters deserve the right to vote on the referendum.  When I am elected, I will vote to withdraw the lawsuit.

Ted Blankenship, Candidate for

City Council, City of Naples

"I believe the City of Naples should have a strong ethics code. I am appalled that the current City Council has spent large sums of money to sue Ethics Naples to prevent city residents from voting on the ethics charter amendment. When I am elected to City Council I will vote to end this lawsuit and allow residents to vote.

Gary Price, City Council
City of Naples

"It is an honor and a privilege to support the efforts by our residents to improve the standards and review of our cities ethics code and the creation of an ethics commission. I look forward to working with our residents to “raise the bar” with respect to ethics for all Naples public servants.”

Paul Perry, Candidate for

City Council, City of Naples

"I believe in our City’s motto: “Ethics above all else”. I signed the ethics petition. 1,500 co-signers did everything required by law to put an enhanced ethics code on the ballot. Yet City Council blocked the vote and sued the petitioners, spending $100,000’s of your dollars to stop you from voting. When I am on Council I will vote to dismiss the litigation and LET THE PEOPLE VOTE ! ”

Joseph Centorino, former Director

Miami Dade Ethics Commission

"The proposed City of Naples charter amendment is a well-crafted plan that will serve as a model for improving integrity and accountability in local government.  It is similar to the approach adopted by Miami-Dade County, which has produced real benefits in government oversight and performance."

"We applaud your efforts to create a Commission on Ethics and Government Integrity for the city of Naples. We agree that bringing transparency, accountability and establishing a vehicle for resolving issues at a local level is highly desirable at this time. We wish you success in your efforts." (Read the letter.)

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