History of Ethics Naples

It's been quite a ride!


  • August, 2016: Council votes to jettison entire City ethics policy because it hinders them from accepting refreshments at neighborhood events.

  • September, 2016: A public outcry ensues; City Council rescinds their anti-ethics vote.

  • Early 2017: Council then “revises” ethics policy, arguably making it even less effective and harder to use.

  • Summer 2017: Ethics Naples is formed with the sole purpose of working towards a better ethics policy in Naples. Consultations with Florida ethics commissions, ethicists and lawyers lead to the drafting of the ballot petition.

  • October 2017: The final petition is shared with City Council and receives strong endorsements from Mayor Barnett and Council members Buxton, Price and Penniman. Ethics Naples begins collecting signatures from Naples voters.

  • April 2018: Ethics Naples completes petition drive with 1,481 certified Naples voters’ signatures. Barnett and Buxton rescind their endorsements.


  • May 2018: City Council refuses to place the matter on the ballot and instead sues Ethics Naples to prevent the voters from deciding on the petition (Barnett, Buxton, McLeod, Seigel all voting to sue). 


  • October 2018: Council loses their suit in County Court, Judge Hayes orders City Council to place the Ethics Naples petition on the ballot.


  • November 2019: City Council votes (Barnett, Buxton, McLeod, Seigel all voting for) to appeal their loss to District Court of Appeals.


  • February – July 2019: More filings ensue culminating in a hearing before the District Court (October 2019), all using many $100,000’s of residents’ tax money.


  • As of January 2020: District Court of Appeals opinion is pending. Ethics Naples has spent over $200K so far, most of which is for legal expense necessitated by the City’s lawsuit against law-abiding petitioners.

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