City Council to Ethics Naples: Not yet

Since the Courts found in Ethics Naples favor, City Council has been quiet on ethics. Very quiet.

That inactivity continued last Wednesday at the March 4th City Council meeting, at which City Council declined to either withdraw their suit or place the referendum on the ballot.

At that meeting Ethics Naples asked the City to withdraw their lawsuit, noting that the City had lost their case in both Circuit Court and the Appellate Court. The Supervisor of Elections has stated that the next scheduled election available for the referendum to be voted on without cost to the City was the August 2020 primary. This would avoid an estimated additional expenditure by the City of $45,000.

However City Council declined to take any action at all and at the end of the morning deferred the issue until their April 1st meeting, which is after their appeal period ends.

You can see the 3-minute video of our Vice President’s speech to Council here.


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