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There are many sources of information regarding the issue of ethics in government. We list some that you may find interesting on this page.

Naples Daily News on Need for Local Ethics:

Editorial, 3/18/17
  • "… a state Ethics Commission that in our view has proven to be predictably forgiving to public officials."
  • "A localized ethics review process could provide transparent oversight of them all, rather than relying on the state panel."
Editorial, 4/6/17
  • "… the [State] ethics commission is slow to respond given its broad statewide responsibility and periodic meetings, plus it’s weak in punishment."
  • "… local public officials should devise a better way to have ethics complaints addressed more swiftly and closer to home."
Editorial, 2/1/18
  • "… we’ve come to expect the state Ethics Commission to dismiss or not sanction those involved in most all complaints it receives about public officials across Florida…"
  • "[A] local ethics panel to review complaints … with a smaller caseload could more expeditiously review these locally, based on our community standards and expectations."

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