Teresa Heitmann

Mayor, City of Naples


"I promised Naples that the charter amendment would be placed on the ballot as soon as I was Mayor. I kept that promise during the first month of my term. Establishing an independent ethics commission is the best way to ensure our government upholds high ethical standards.

​Please join me in voting for the Ethics Naples charter amendment in the August primary election."

Terry Hutchison

Vice Mayor, City of Naples

     ​“I kept my promise and voted to put the Ethics Naples Charter amendment on the August 18 ballot.

     The amendment will establish a strong and independent ethics commission of City of Naples voters and lead to an improved ethics code that will be locally responsive and focus on prevention.

This  is a big step in the right direction. I’ll vote for it again in August and I hope everyone else will too.”

Linda Penniman, former member, City Council, City of Naples

     "The motto of the City of Naples says 'Ethics above all else'. The citizens of Naples deserve a government that they can trust. The best way to ensure this is to establish a local, independent ethics commission to educate and advise our officials and handle any ethical concerns quickly and locally."

I support the Ethics Naples Charter amendment."

Penny Taylor, County Commissioner

Collier County, District 4


"Ethics is one of the most important pillars of good and effective government.  The effort to create an Ethics Commission is a crucial one for the future of our City."

I support the Charter amendment proposal."

Ray Christman, City Council
City of Naples

    ​"Prior to being elected to Naples City Council, I served as the Executive Director of Ethics Naples.  

     I helped craft the proposed charter amendment and I know first-hand it has all the "best practices" -  among them an independent commission, a clear and simple procedure for complaints, and provisions for confidentiality and enforcement.  The new Ethics Commission also will play an important ongoing educational role for Naples elected officials and staff.  

     Please join me in voting for this amendment on August 18."

Paul Perry, City Council
City of Naples

    "I believe in our City’s motto: “Ethics above all else”. I signed the ethics petition in 2018 and this April I voted to put the petition on the ballot for all Naples voters to consider.  There are many benefits to establishing a local, independent, confidential and best practices ethics policy in Naples.

     I will vote for this amendment and I encourage every voter to consider doing the same.

Mike McCabe, City Council
City of Naples

​    "I kept my promise and voted to put the Ethics Naples charter petition on the August ballot. Now voters can make their own choice. Placing this amendment in the Charter, while leaving the details to the new Ethics Commission and City Council, is a good way to ensure that our

future ethics policy will be both strong and independent, and yet directly responsive to our City and its needs.

      I hope you will vote for this petition along with me.

Ted Blankenship, City Council
City of Naples

     "I believe the City of Naples should have a strong ethics code. As a CPA I know this is important for good governance. That’s why I voted to put the Ethics Naples charter amendment on the August 18 ballot.
     I support the amendment and will vote for it.

     "We applaud your efforts to create a Commission on Ethics and Government Integrity for the city of Naples. We agree that bringing transparency, accountability and establishing a vehicle for resolving issues at a local level is highly desirable at this time. We wish you success in your efforts."

     (Read the LWV letter.)


  • County Commissioner Penny Taylor

  • Mayor Teresa Heitmann

  • Vice Mayor Terry Hutchison

  • City Council Members Ray Christman - Paul Perry - Mike McCabe - Ted Blankenship

  • Former Council Member Linda Penniman

Editorial: "Revised ethics policies short on enforcement" (March 18, 2017)
  • "… a state Ethics Commission that in our view has proven to be predictably forgiving to public officials."
  • "A localized ethics review process could provide transparent oversight of them all, rather than relying on the state panel."
Editorial: "Naples ethics issue shows need for reform" (April 6, 2017)
  • "… the [State] ethics commission is slow to respond given its broad statewide responsibility and periodic meetings, plus it’s weak in punishment."
  • "… local public officials should devise a better way to have ethics complaints addressed more swiftly and closer to home."
Editorial: "Rulings about councilman no surprise" (February 1, 2018)
  • "… we’ve come to expect the state Ethics Commission to dismiss or not sanction those involved in most all complaints it receives about public officials across Florida…"
  • "[A] local ethics panel to review complaints … with a smaller caseload could more expeditiously review these locally, based on our community standards and expectations."

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